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Business Lines

  • Gauzón Ibérica’s Civil Ship

    Maritime Services

    Development of security projects and operational documentation and comprehensive fleet management for the naval sector.

  • Gauzón Ibérica’s Technical Drawing

    Technical Engineering

    Coverage and technical support in the field of integrated logistics and for the Department of Maritime Services.

  • Gauzón Ibérica‘s Bottle Inspection

    Inspection and Maintenance

    Comprehensive maintenance tasks, inspections during groundings and underwater inspections.

  • Gauzón Ibérica’s Logistics Building

    Product Commercialization

    Imports and exports of naval and industrial equipment / spare parts.

Gauzón Ibérica’s Exterior Building


GAUZÓN IBÉRICA has provided support to the naval sector for more than 25 years. Our accumulated experience, research and our high-skilled team of professionals have made us a reference company for both civil and military maritime navigation.

Our services are backed by International Certifications and the highest quality standards: ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems; ISO 14001 of our Environmental Management System; ISO 27001 on Information Security.


Extensive Collaborations

GAUZÓN IBÉRICA collaborates with different companies and organizations in the naval and defense sectors, including the Navantia shipyard, the Spanish Navy, the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard, the Military Emergency Unit (UME), AENA, as well as different private shipyards and naval forces from other countries.


A Great Multidisciplinary Team

We have more than 100 highly qualified professionals with proven experience in the fields of Naval Engineering and Inspection, Ocean Navigation, Commercialization of Industrial Supplies, Logistics and Industrial Safety.

At Gauzón Ibérica, we believe the most valuable thing is people, that is why we encourage teamwork in an environment that favours professional development.


Years of Experience
Qualified Employees
Sales Operations per Year

Our most recent experiences are extensive collaborations with the Civil Guard, Navantia, Spanish Armada and with the corresponding organisms from Venezuela, Norway, Australia, Thailand, etc.

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