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About us



GAUZÓN IBÉRICA has provided support to the naval sector for more than 25 years. Our accumulated experience, research and our high-skilled team of professionals have made us a reference company for both civil and military maritime navigation. We are specialists in the manufacture and maintenance of safety equipment, we attend to the needs of supplies and provisions in ships, we offer engineering services, we develop documentation to support the life cycle and we take care of the maintenance, manning and management of crews for ocean fleets.

GAUZÓN IBÉRICA also exclusively represents important commercial brands in the field of safety and ship equipping. In addition, the specialization in the naval, defense and civil marine industries have opened us up new lines of work in the aeronautical sector and in other industries with high added value.

All the services we offer are endorsed by International Certifications and the most recognized Quality Standards, such as the ISO 9001 standards for Quality Management Systems; ISO 14001, which protects our Environmental Management System; ISO 27001 on Information Security and the ISO 45001, which certifies the Management Systems of Safety and Health at work

GAUZON IBÉRICA is a company based in Ferrol with commercial offices in Madrid and Cadiz. We also have workshops and logistics support warehouses in several industrial areas in Fene (A Coruña), Puerto Real (Cádiz) and Las Palmas.


Extensive Collaborations in Time and Volume of Work

GAUZÓN IBÉRICA collaborates with different companies and organizations in the naval and defense sectors, including NAVANTIA shipyard, the Spanish Navy, the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard, the Military Emergency Unit (UME), AENA, as well as different private shipyards and naval forces from other countries. In fact, GAUZÓN IBÉRICA is part of the network of supplier companies of the NSPA (NATO Support Agency), in charge of coordinating NATO supplies and purchases.


Experience and Human Capital are the Fundamental Values of GAUZÓN IBÉRICA

This combination together with a constant process of innovation have allowed us to diversify the catalog of services over the years, always ensuring the maximum satisfaction of our clients. For us, the main thing is quality, safety and the guarantee of cost savings that more than compensate the investment in our projects and services.
We are a company which adapts to every need, without contingencies and with action protocols that ensure maximum clarity, transparency and effectiveness in everything we do.


Proven Experience in Purchasing and Market Research

Our commercial team studies the needs of each client to offer a detailed offer that guarantees optimized costs without sacrificing the highest quality standards in the market. To that end, we have personnel with proven experience in purchasing and market prospecting, who surveys a wide network of suppliers in search of the best offers. We also offer the possibility of carrying out transactions and electronic commerce operations under the EDI-XML standards of AECOC GS1.


We Specialized in Custom Design and Supply of Auxiliary Equipment and Systems for Ships

Our multidisciplinary team has specialized in the design and integration of safety equipment as well as in the development of fundamental operating manuals for the maintenance and useful life of equipment and vessels. Our technical department always works in constant coordination with the commercial department, with the aim of advising our clients on the best way to meet specific needs, either with custom designs or supplying auxiliary equipment and systems for military or civil ships.