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Commercial Department



Commercial Department

Our commercial team studies the needs of each client to offer a detailed offer that guarantees optimized costs without sacrificing the highest quality standards in the market. To do this, GAUZÓN IBÉRICA has personnel with proven experience in purchasing and market research, who surveys a wide network of suppliers in search of the best offers and the latest innovations in each field.

We are also representatives and exclusive distributors of important national and international brands, which ensures that we always have stocks and virtually immediate capacity to supply them on demand.

Main Action Areas

  • Imports and exports of all kinds of naval and industrial equipment and spare parts.
  • Comprehensive supply of fleets of ships and land units (food, machines / tools, hotel linens, kitchenware, cordage, oils, etc.)
  • Advice and supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for maritime and onshore personnel, both civil and military.
  • Provision of respiratory equipment and life jackets.
  • Supply of diving and rescue equipment.
  • Firefighting equipment with specifications for the civil and military field.
  • CBRN protection and alert equipment for defense against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents.
  • Supply of specific instrumentation material (pressure gauges, level probes, etc.) and all kinds of valves.

E-Commerce Transactions and Operations

When it comes to marketing all these products, GAUZÓN IBÉRICA offers the possibility of carrying out electronic commerce transactions and operations under the EDI-XML standards of AECOC GS1 (Electronic Data Interchange). Plus, to guarantee absolute security and confidentiality, we have developed our own software and specific interfaces designed for direct communication with our clients’ computer systems, such as the interface with the SIGMADOS system of the Spanish Navy and the GALIA system in maintenance operations.