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Maritime Services

GAUZÓN IBÉRICA offers comprehensive services for the naval sector.

  • We offer logistical support to guarantee the operation of the ship.
  • We take care of the recruitment and management of crews for fleets, capable of carrying out any maritime operation, regardless of the type of ship or the tonnage displaced.

Technical Engineering

Created to provide coverage and technical support to all the activities of GAUZÓN IBÉRICA in the field of integrated logistics and, in particular, the Department of Maritime Services.

Inspection and Maintenance

  • Comprehensive maintenance tasks
  • Inspections during groundings
  • Underwater inspections with audiovisual supports
  • Preparation of equipment and rescue tests

Product Commercialization

  • Imports and exports of naval and industrial equipment/spare parts
  • Supply of Oceanic Vessels of the Civil Guard
  • Framework agreements for the supply of PPE with NAVANTIA and the Navy

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Quality Certificates

The services offered by GAUZÓN IBÉRICA are guaranteed through certifications.