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Maritime Services

Gauzón Ibérica - Spain’s Civil Guard Ship

GAUZÓN IBÉRICA offers comprehensive services for the naval sector. In addition to the development of security projects and operational documentation – as well as the supply of all kinds of equipment – together with integral fleet management either with exclusive personnel or with human teams to support the crews.

We can ensure a comprehensive service, which attends to technical maintenance and the different operational levels demanded by the client. Navigation support lines are divided into two large sections:

We offer logistical help to guarantee the operation of the ship

— Comprehensive maintenance of the vessel: management of the General Fleet Maintenance Plan (MAGEF), using our own software developments.
— Merchant crew configuration and supply of all types of equipment to ships.
— Coordination, management and supervision of groundings, inspections in dry dock and afloat, carried out by technical personnel certified in the required standards (FROSIO and NACE ratings).
— Underwater inspections with audiovisual media.
— Review and testing of firefighting, safety and rescue equipment.
— Processing of inspections with Classification Societies and Maritime Captaincy.

Crew management for fleets

We take care of the recruitment and management of crews for fleets, capable of carrying out any maritime operation, regardless of the type of ship or the tonnage displaced.
In this sense, GAUZÓN IBÉRICA can equip ships with complete crews -bridge, deck, machines, seamanship, etc.-, or cover part of the positions according to the client’s needs.
In addition, specific endowments are also offered for carrying out sea trials, making navigations to ship delivery ports and covering subsequent warranty periods.


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